ParaPad by ParaLabs Review

ParaPad by ParaLabs is one of the best imp. pad in the market today. Its created by Thomas Heine and Rainer Mees by ParaLabs from Germany.

1. Unfailing Image Capture:
No fear of not having the image. I love not having to worry whether it is there or not. I have come across some people who just won’t bear down (regardless of what subtle or bold isn’truction you give).

2. Quality of Image:
This fanatastic device has outstanding impression quality for two reasons. A. The Gimmick is made from the highest quality available, B. The Sharpie marker has been truly designed to offer the best impression, with less image expansion. They tested this to provide the best working marker. Excellent.

3. Oustanding Design:
I mean more than aesthetics here. In short, the peek used is based on peeks that have been around, but the way that the ParaPad has been constructed has made this peek possible, while closing the pad, without ever a fumble or stumble. People with Mits on could still make this work. The pad is very durable and is substantial enough to last, without being cumbersome.

In short, I cannot imagine someone not being pleased with their investment. In my opinion it is the finest close-up pad on the market. I will continue to use my Brown Hornet for pre-show and really like the IMB for stage, but the ParaPad has become the close-up device of preference for me. Maybe it will be for you, as well.

You can find it here:

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