Stealth Assassin Wallet Review

Stealth Assassin Wallet (SAW), created by Peter Nardi, is a Mentalists’ Utility Wallet. It combines mentalism utilities like peek, the SUC (sight unseen case) feature, an index and an Out To Lunch. The wallet comes with two DVDs featuring Peter Nardi and Marc Spelmann explaining different features of wallet, along with detailed explanation of multiple mentalism routines.

What’s in the Box?

The Stealth Assassin Wallet comes wrapped in a white paper envelop, along with the two DVDs.


Stealth Assassin Wallet Physical Review

The Stealth Assassin Wallet is made using a textured leather which has matte like finishing.


The wallet is about 4.8 inches wide and 3.4 inches in length (which is about 8cm wide and 11.5cm in height). Here’s a side by side comparison of the wallet with a standard Bicycle deck. Its will give you a good idea of the size of Stealth Assassin Wallet.


The wallet is very thin (when empty). The thickness is a little bit less then half inch. Certainly the real thickness of the wallet will depend upon how much stuff you store in it. With a few credit cards and about 10 business cards, the thickness is about half inch.

When you open the Stealth Assassin Wallet, you will see one credit card slot and the out to lunch feature on left. While there are four credit card slots on the right side. The single credit card slot on the left can’t really be used to store a credit card since it will be used to store a special gimmick for an additional convincer for the stealth peek. You can make this gimmick in a minute.

Just below the credit card slots, there is an extra (vertical) pocket on both side of wallet.


Here, the credit card slots are marked in orange, Out-TO-Lunch in Yellow and Vertical Pockets in Red.

Stealth Assassin Wallet Features

Generally in hip pocket style wallets, the credit card slots are horizontal but in Stealth Assassin Wallet, they are vertical. Also, unlike regular hip pocket style wallets, there are no horizontal slots in it to carry cash. Its still possible to carry cash in it as shown in the image below.


Alternatively, you can fold the cash and slide it in the pocket.


I prefer the first method as its easy to retrieve the cash with it.

If you carry a coin (bent?) or a gimmick key, then it will be difficult to carry it in Stealth Assassin Wallet since it doesn’t have any coin pockets.

So, if you think about it, Stealth Assassin Wallet is not a true hip pocket style wallet. You can think it as a nice leather credit card and business card holder with all the mentalism utilities bulit-into it. But the focus should not be on the wallet anyway. The handling taught in the DVD by Peter and Marc make it almost invisible.

Stealth Assassin Wallet Features

The main feature of Stealth Assassin Wallet is peek. Both sides of the wallet offer a way to peek. The left side has the stealth peek, which is the internal peek. The right side of the wallet has the sight unseen case (SUC) feature, the external peek. Both the peeks are very easy to use and the actions while peeking appears very natural if you use the details mentioned in the DVD.

The Sight Unseen Case or the SUC area can be used to load billets, load pocket written cards and to switch or steal billets. You can also use it to load a mercury folded playing card. Note that an unfolded poker sized playing card cannot be loaded here as its a bit large to load. But that’s fine since this wallet was not created with card-to-wallet feature in mind since mentalists don’t use it.

The second feature of the Wallet is the billet index, which is built-into the stealth peek area and is thus hidden when the wallet is opened.

The third feature is the Out To Lunch feature. This is the weakest point of the Stealth Assassin Wallet since the Out To Lunch Strap is made up of leather. So, it becomes loose after every few days and you need to add more and more cards to make it work fine. A fix here is to use a real rubber strap on Out To Lunch Stack and use the Out To Lunch strap in the wallet only as a holder.

Stealth Assassin Wallet Companion DVDs


The Stealth Assassin Wallet Companion DVDs are very well produced. Each is about an hour long. Here, Peter and Marc explain all the features of the wallet and gives suggestions about how to setup the wallet. About 10 routines are also included. All the routines are great. The psychology, choreography and subtleties explained with each routine are invaluable.

The routines included are,

  • Short List: Mentalist shows the spectator a folded paper in his stealth assassin wallet which has a list of 6 places he’d like to visit, numbered from 1 to 6. He also has a folded vacation photograph of the place he last visited next to the list in wallet. He then asks the spectator to name a number from 1 to 6. The city listed on the folded paper at this number matches the vacation photograph exactly. The routine can be done with with list of any type of things, like cars, electronic products wishlist etc. The routine can also be done with more or less number of items.
  • QuizMaster
  • Cash Cabaret: Mentalist asks the spectator to take out three different bills (any currency) from a pocket in Stealth Assassin wallet and put them, one at a time, into different pockets while he wasn’t looking. The mentalist then shows a prediction written on a business card where its already written (predicted) in which pocket the spectator will put each bill.
  • Card at any Number
  • Hollywood or Bust: A spectator takes a business card and writes down the name of a Hollywood movie star. The mentalist then puts the business card into the Stealth Assassin wallet pocket without looking at it. The mentalist then asks the spectator to think of a scene from a famous movie Hollywood movie star he thought of. The mentalist then describes the scene and tells the name of the movie and the star. It is the strongest routine explained in the Stealth Assassin wallet DVDs.
  • , Your First Love (name and place of first love), One Ahead, Drawing Duplication, Drinks on Me (Stealth peek)

  • Add a Number (Out-To-Lunch)

You can do almost any mentalism routine using the utilities in the Stealth Assassin Wallet, but the included routines are examples of strong mentalism.

On the DVD, Peter notes that having this wallet is like having an act in your pocket, which is true. Obviously, you will need to mix and match it with your other routines otherwise all the heat will be on your ‘normal wallet’ and your act will no longer be mentalism.

Stealth Assassin Wallet Price

The retail price of Stealth Assassin Wallet is USD180.

Stealth Assassin Wallet: Overall Rating and Conclusion

Attribute Rating Comments
Difficulty 1/10 The wallet is very easy to handle and use. There are no complicated sleights involved so Difficulty rating is not applicable in this case.
Prop Quality 8/10 Excellent. The wallet is very well made and will last forever. Still, the rating is 8 due to faulty OTL implementation.
Teaching Quality 10/10 Excellent.

Overall, Peter Nardi has released and excellent mentalism wallet for both professional and hobby Mentalists. The wallet comes with a lot of strong mentalism routines, additional ideas and tips. Highly recommended.

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