Target Number Manual by Ted Karmilovich Review

Ted K. Target Number Manual

The core Target Number routine, however, is a prediction effect and hinges on at least one volunteer being onstage with the performer. The manual lays out all the nuances that Ted has uncovered during 35 years of performing the basic routine. Then he continues from there and shows how to use the same principles to apply to numerous other prediction effects involving decks of cards (both virtual and actual), metal cash boxes, plexiglass cubes, keys, locks, watches, and on and on. These are not brainstorms Ted has never performed. They are polished pieces that he’s been doing for years. One key error I’d made was using it as an opener, and Ted makes it very clear in the manual why that’s not a good idea. It’s just too strong as an opener and will get a much bigger reaction later on in the show. Finally, the routines are so well scripted that you could be up and running performing the routine as described pretty quickly. As long as you have reasonable audience management skills, you’re all set. And of course it wouldn’t hurt if you have previous experience performing mentalism. Performance rights are limited to original purchasers only, so when the 200 manuals come back from the printer and the release is officially announced, don’t wait too long if you want to be one of those 200 owners.

It has 47 pages, but don’t let that deter you from buying it, within its pages is pure gold.

Now, I had learned the original method by hearing Conversations with Mind Readers long ago, but as soon as I learned about the book, I knew that it would be filled with extra bits of information.

So here is the scoop:

Basic Presentation
Preparation and Presentation (this required a gimmick that should not cost you a lot)
Afterthoughts and furtherthoughts

Now we get into the variations, which is where I believe this book shines:

Target Number Cash Box

It is similar to the original presentation, but you add a layer of impossibility with a cash box, that you never go near or touch for that matter, and at the end everything seems more impossible.

Target Key – R-Rect

Think Kurotsoke with a lock and keys, but cleaner.

Target Time

Predict a thought of time.

Target Invisible Deck

The name is a given.

The P.S. Principle

This is a great principle that I plan to use in the near future.
You can predict in advance the outcome of a sports event, or presidential election, etc, etc.
Powerful and easy at the same time.

Target Card

My favorite from the whole manual and it was exclusive to only a few, until this release.

This to me was worth the price of the book, bar none

You project a card to a member of your audience, and you predict everything.

I was booked for a convention in Guadalajara Mexico this past weekend with Eric Jones and Bizzaro, and performed Target Card, to an overwhelming response. This is one of the most powerful routines you can do, gimmick free, easy to do, and allows you to focus on your presentation.

The book also contains a bonus effect at the end if you want to amaze and astound a client that has booked you and leave him/her with a memento.

All in all, this is a worthy investment, and not sure how many are left from the printing, but I am sure glad I have my copy.

Can it be used close-up

It’s designed for a platform or stage mentalism show. (However, there is one killer bonus at the end of the manual that Ted does for the host at the end of strolling gigs. I jumped out of my skin when I read it.)

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